10 November 2015 – I witnessed a peaceful protect outside the metropolitan police station in downtown Reykjavík. The locals are generally unhappy with the way the police handled this highly publicised case of 2 suspected rapists who managed to escape from the country since they were not taken into custody.

Eggs were thrown and a number of protestors stepped forward, demanding to know why the system is agonisingly slow for rape suvivors, and more efforts should be done to encourage men to combat rape culture and the patriachy.

Apparently the police spokesperson intervened to explain that they are doing their best (I’m sorry but even I am a little skeptical with this textbook reply) and that they just started a specialised unit to tackle these deep-seated issues. Of course the protestors got angrier and demanded the police to explain why justice was not done to the suspected rapists.

I’ve concluded never to mess with the people of Iceland. Their human spirit is exemplary.

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